A change brings a change of attitude, opens up new experience, touches emotions…

In order to weave a beautiful fabric we could dress and which would feed our soul, it is necessary to change our attitude.

Changing of the attitude is a matter of choice. I choose life like that and not other, I choose to learn how to dance or I choose to discover what the relationship between a man and a woman is. And I put 100% enthusiasm, 100% commitment, 100% responsibility for myself in this change. When I decide for example to learn to dance, I would touch many emotions with roots in my childhood, I would touch teenage shame, my limitations, I would touch relations with society.

I will have to sow the seeds, build a new root that sprouts, a stalk will arise then, and the leaves and a pitch. One day a beautiful flower will blossom, that will breeze in the wind, giving new seeds for the new grain.


The 100% in the pursuit is the strength of our will. This is saying YES because there are many obstacles on the way.

Because a change is about leaving our comfort zone, it is a journey into the unknown, during which I contact my internal resistance, and recognise it as my own ally.

My power grows in contrast to powerlessness. As power is not always the logical opposite of powerlessness. Every confrontation touches our attitudes, our choices, our comfort.

And here it is necessary to take a distance to ourselves, to respond to the emotions that appear as a response to various events. To adopt a role of the event observer, which allows us to step back and see the whole situation. Again we can choose the attitude and a new direction, because during the long journey each choice generates a new experience, and shows new opportunities.

If I chose to dance, then working with my body I discover new qualities of dance, new opportunities. After all, I decided to learn salsa for example, the dance is changing my life, I go through spontaneous dance and dance bachata right now.

And so it is with tantra. A road to nowhere. A new discovery all the time. Like weaving a beautiful fabric, where the pattern appears during the weaving, the pattern does not exist itself.

Just as there is no pattern for each soul. We wrap ourselves in the beauty of what we have worked out for ourselves.

We will use different tools that appear during the creation. But creation is not about reproduction.

Reproduction is a tool, like a glass to pour wine in. We use different tools that we have built and adopted for the moment. They are constantly changing, because they are consumed, or become useless for who I am today.

An eternal creative process where we touch our internal heaven and hell.