My life path

My path…

Do i follow my path? What is my talent? What should I do in my life?

Maybe it is worth just stopping where you are now, looking around and seeing what I already am doing in life, what path I am following, and what my talent is. It is impossible to find your own path, your talent and what you should do in life… You can think of it, you can even make it up, but the idea will always remain only a guess, an idea and it will not have much to do with the truth.

This is the path that finds US, the talent is going THROUH us and in our lives we already do SOMETHING all the time.

Our task is to SEE the path we are following, and to appreciate and release the talent we have.

It is not us who choose the path, it is the path that calls us! Just like the talent, it is not OURS, it just passes through us and you never know where it will be needed most (not for us but for the world!) and you never know when it will end…

Our task is to open our eyes and heart and see the way.

Open your soul and body and allow to pass through you whatever wants to pass through you on this earth, under this sun and in this life. And let yourself be guided by the path you follow, and do not let be led to the sidewalks… Your soul deep inside knows where to go, listen…

M. K.