To be a woman

To be a woman is to dance,
Dance so that the whole world ceases, become dance, music, melody…
To be a woman is to cry,
To weep and create oceans, rivers, waterfalls so that there is nothing more left.
To be a woman is to run through life

And walk through it calmly,
Sometimes it is to run so fast that you loose your own steps…
And sometimes it is to stop and experience eternity in one hour…
To be a woman is to feel your body,
Even if you do not feel it… get the signals from it: ‘I’m still here for you’…
To be a woman is to have the legs that lead you and to follow them…
To be a woman is to dance, become a dance, be a movement, to rock.
To be a woman is to see,
See yourself and others;
women, men, children.

To be a woman is to bring beauty,
The beauty of the charm of joy and gentleness.
To be a woman is the power of an ocean, waterfall and heavy rain.
To be a woman is being always able to adjust and be unique at the same time…
To be a woman is to feel what to do and when.
To be a woman is to be able to withstand anything,

Even the end; I cannot stand it any longer!
To be a woman is to feel ecstasy;
Ecstasy of the world, life and air.
To be a woman is to never give up,
Even the surrender…
And always have the strength also for the total helplessness.

To be a woman is to love,
To love so much that even the world ‘love’ cannot describe it…
To be a woman is to tell the world that I’m good, and that the world is cool.
To be a woman is to dance.

I am a woman, I dance!

Magdalena Kamińska

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