Zbyszek, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

Tantra in India is an encounter with the power of water – an encounter with the Arabian Sea and the hot land of India – with Her entire being, animals, divinity and the wisdom they carry within them.
It was a close encounter with God who always guides me – he shows the direction and shows the door to open. It is enough to read from the nature of the world, which constantly gives direction – it gives direction to my soul to grow. I see how the world pulls me to life, encourages me to trust it, to trust this amazing adventure with full trust in the path that God has prepared for me and trust in His power and wisdom of me and my body.

Tantra in India showed how important it is to give energy to the world.

Giving energy with joy and the willingness to share it with all those who want to accept it, India showed me how nourishing the world is singing, when my song – my desire, can open hearts and brighten eyes. I see the connection of all of us and how we interact with each other.

The meeting in India is another lesson in mindfulness of my actions and words and how responsible I am for the world around me. I see how my indifference and escape destroys and poisons the world close to me and how it poisons the wider world.

I am important.

I see how important it is to develop and grow in the power of being a man who boldly looks in his own eyes. Into the eyes from which I can hide nothing. How good it is to look myself in the eye with a pure heart and truly feel that I am safe and give security, to truly feel that I am courage and give courage. It’s so good to really feel that I am trustworthy and trustworthy.

How blessed I am to give the best version of myself to my family, the world and mother earth. With power, courage, action, with delight and joy, I follow the path that God has prepared for me in full trust.

I dance a dance of joy and gratitude to the most beautiful teachers Gaya and Mario.

I dance a dance of gratitude to the wonderful Saszka, Ola, Ania, Magdalena, Julia and Szymon

Warm regards