Agnieszka, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

Shamanic Tantra in India – an amazing workshop in a magical place by the ocean.

What did this time mean to me? A meeting with yourself, with your power animals, with your spiritual guardians and with your ancestors. A time that gave me an extraordinary sense of protection and care, as well as connection with the elements, with the divine nature of the world.

I felt very strongly how important it is to trust life and go with the wave, but also to take responsibility for giving my life a direction. It’s not about the waves of life tossing me around, I’m not about to crash into the rocks out of laziness and lack of reaction. But I can surrender to life and God and freely go with the wave.

I saw how important action is in life, because it is in action that the true heart is manifested. That is, what counts are actions, not words. And as a Divine Being, I have an obligation to the world to share myself. To make the world better and more beautiful by expanding my awareness and constantly awakening my heart. I felt palpably that my transformation was my duty and, at the same time, a gift for myself and the world.

It was also a time of beautiful, deep rituals, meetings with fire and water, visits of dragons and whales, dissolving the body in dance and surrendering to tantric energy.

And all this surrounded by nature, jungle and ocean. In beautiful meetings with Brahmins guarding the eternal fire, with Hindus sharing with us their spiritual wisdom and constant smile and joy of life. With dolphins jumping in the ocean and eagles soaring in the sky.

Indian land has the incredible power to materialize our desires, thoughts, but also fears and anxieties. Wisdom flows from Heaven and sprouts from Earth. You just need to open up to it, look broadly, and let the true reality reveal itself.

It was a very beautiful, inspiring and wise time. Thank you!