Agnieszka K., Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

The Holy Land of India opened me to a connection at the deep level of my physical and subtle body with Mother Earth, Father Sun, the Goddess of the Sea with all the magic of nature and with beautiful beings in a common circle as a compassionate unity of the tribe. In one beating heart of the drum in the presence of ancestors and guides. The presence of the Light of the temple penetrated and filled my heart. This wonderful journey awakened in me an openness and submission to the guidance of my heart on the holy path of tantra.

In her final thanks to the sea, in her tender embrace and as she carried me away by the wave, she showed me a reflection against the sky of an eagle circling high. I feel like I’m ready to see more, give and receive more.

With these gifts full of abundance of healing and purification, I go lightly to share with the world.

With gratitude and the salutation of the heart to Gaya and Mario and the entire Tantra of the Heart team.