Piotr J., Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

The heart is the meeting point of two worlds, it is the center and gateway for the flow of source knowledge. The heart is the source. The essence is innocence.

It was a great workshop. Even though a few days have passed since the end, I still feel softness in my body and lightness in my heart. A body open to the surrounding world connects with nature and perceives it more strongly and clearly.

Gratitude for so many wonderful gifts and revelations. For the sensual touch of sand, the soft flow of water, the breeze on your skin, for the feeling of being rooted in meditation.

The quality of a child – an explorer, a traveler – a sailor, curious about the world and its wonders, is recalled anew. Fun, mischief, little joys and wonderful surprises are just around the corner.

Ancestors are important, act where you come from. The heart knows no limits. Awareness that I can manifest my qualities in my homeland, for the good of Poland and the transformation of the world.

Meeting with Shiva, the Creator and the Destroyer. Cobra kiss. Elephants, caring guides of love. Ave Maria Om Namah Shivaya. East meets West, a mystical marriage.