Renata, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

Time to return to yourself. A clear, unambiguous recognition of the functioning of two states within me: a rigid, grounded mental system with all the strength of its beliefs, habits and determination to remain in its dominant structure, and a delicate, encompassing, vibrating with multi-colored, shaking internal body, flickering with millions of golden sparks in the body, the voice of my soul that brings emotion, smile and joy to my heart.

It was no longer time to fight. And full acceptance of what appears. In silence, in peace. What do I choose? A question from my heart, from the beginning of the workshop. I have chosen the path of my soul. I chose Acceptance and Compassion. And determination. Because choice is one thing. The next step is to be relentless in expanding the field of the heart.

In everyday becoming mindful and taking in awareness: where am I and am I actually choosing this? An unforgettable time of being in the divine nature of India and being blessed with countless gifts. I remain in deep gratitude to Mario, to Gaya, to Szymon, Aleksandra, Ania, Magdalena, Ola for creating the possibility of transformation on the divine land of India, in being in living contact with the Goddess of water, the elements of fire, air, nature, the essence of divinity. Thank you for your encompassing Presence, supporting the transformation process.