Asia, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

What if we changed NO to YES?

For everything that comes to my life:


Even if it’s hard for me to understand at the moment


I know that the solution and understanding will come soon.

I trust and I flow.

I become a white sail blown by a light wind.

I ride the wave and dissolve and trust even more.


I admire everything around me:

the sea, palm trees, hot sand, sunsets and sunrises, eagles, the presence of other people, the gaze of sometimes strangers and at the same time very close to me eyes.

I accept the waves that sometimes don’t want to let me in.

I’m gushing about it, saying:


Even if I don’t understand at the moment


And suddenly I feel like it changes everything. I feel the clamps loosening, the patterns that still held me down to this day dissolving.

The tears flow and I release and transform.

The sound of the sea calms my heart.

Warm wind and sun cover me.

I love this feeling.

I see the light and I know that I AM.

I’m getting closer to myself.

I feel extremely grateful for my journey.

I feel grateful for your words, which are not always easy to accept

Your wisdom of seeing and feeling

Thank you for your closeness and rejection

Thank you for the laughter and tears

Thank you for pissing me off and letting me go

Thank you for the right to speak and listen

I feel like I am becoming a stronger woman, partner and mother.

I am the source and the light.

Everything is in me.

Healing comes and turns into Courage and Joy.

And now I travel the world with a banana on my face.

And it is definitely easier, more pleasant and lighter.

Thank you to everyone who accompanied me on this journey, because without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.