David, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

The joy of Tantra India Trip

It’s a special journey both within and without. Travel to a magical place in India full of power and light that with help you remember…

A place to connect deeply with the natural world, the ocean waves, the wide blue sky and the red soil and sun… eagles 🦅 and dolphins, monkeys and a vibrant culture and people.

Connect deeply to yourself, deep clean your spirit, set down what no longer serves. Journey into the living legends of shiva the destroyer and creator and end old cycles and create the new in your divine masculine and embrace Shatki the divine feminine. And let them live in your body and spirit.

It is Truly a land of miracles and power and with the help of your guides beside you you will step upon your path ever more boldly as your authentic self with joy and laughter and anger and sadness and love the full rich dance of life…

Come…. to a field beyond all right and wrong…. we will meet you there ❤️

During my trip to India there were many gifts and lessons among them

If there is pain expand your awareness instead of contract it…

Then you will be larger and the pain smaller 

If you contract and focus on it the pain will become your world

Breathe! You will forget but when you remember Breathe!

You are not alone.. great allies, yourself not the least, surround you… always

As you have received much, give much, its your responsibility 

In yoga with a women stand in your masculine, in your body

Your kids will reflect what you haven’t worked through… work through it… so they might have their own journey and not replay yours

More body less head

Connect to source often, pray, dance, give thanks, shift my vibration

Connect to earth, sky, water and fire to navigate life

Make direct eye contact with all beings that come into my space

Let the body lead

Release the old lightly with gratitude 

Say less mean more

Smile motherfucker smile

The root supports the emotions, supports the power supports the heart supports the voice supports the eye supports the connection to the universe and back again

The last one

Having a deep connection with someone changes you…

You won’t settle for shallow ever again ❤️