Monika, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

India, India, India…

This is the most wonderful journey to an amazing land. To the Earth, which in lightness allowed me to rediscover myself. Reach places not yet visited, to the depths and bowels of the soul. A journey to nature, meetings with dolphins, ravens, eagles, turtles who supported me and gave me strength when I needed it. Coming into contact with my delicacy and sensitivity in the softness and gentleness of the water helped me let go of control and build trust that I was safe. The silkiness of the sand, its warmth and pleasure, helped me touch the deeply buried pain of losing my child and heal the wound that was only seemingly closed. I felt I could do more.

India is also the most beautiful 50th birthday, full of miracles and gifts. Thanks to the shamanic ritual, I saw that I was one of the warriors for a better and fuller life. It’s pure magic, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better celebration.

Thank you for every moment. I touched a greater depth of myself and life.

Thank you!