Zbyszek, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 3rd meeting, 2023

The 3rd meeting of a wonderful group of Dwarfs is my next meeting with my spontaneous child. The workshop was a job that allowed me to shed layers of concrete and steel armour in which I thought I was safe. There’s a wall that says “don’t come over”. I guess I thought my toughness and resistance was my strength. During this work of courage and truth, these layers fell away and dissolved, making room for some wonderful new ones. There was tremendous strength in attentive presence, in stopping and looking into the eyes, in openness and truth in relation to another person.

I feel the sanctity of this stopping. I see that only then can I hear and see with my heart. A group of dwarfs carries the incredible power of light creative joy. I feel in every cell that joy is a huge reactor, feeding me and the whole world. I feel every day how joy and distance to myself grows into every aspect of my life. The meeting in this amazing circle was also a realization of how strong and wide roots my ancestors had. What strong roots my parents have. Haha, it’s probably because of their origin from Podlasie villages. Great love for them, gratitude and pride that I am of their blood. Finally, I see their eyes with gratitude and love, and I know that my ancestors also look each other and me in the eye.

I just know it is the truth. For the 3rd meeting, I came once again with my beloved life partner, with whom this work is priceless time that gives an extraordinary insight into our relationship, everyday life. I feel great power in discovering new, unexplored paths of my reactions to everyday situations. It’s downright fascinating. I see how the world around me is changing thanks to this attentive, joyful creativity.

This is probably the essence of this amazing week.

I am left with joyfully seeing eyes, hearing ears, feeling the ground with my feet.

With mindfulness,

love, Zbyszek