Szymon, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 4th meeting, 2023

How to describe something that is so intimate and at the same time belongs to everyone who reads it? This point of view, awareness, expanded image happened to me not only during these workshops, but also during my everyday life. The difference is that now I’m sticking with it. It is bringing the soul into the body and expanding it beyond its area. A state of suspension, reflection and delight that makes me understand why and why I am in this world. It’s not always convenient, but I’ve learned to find the answer there. I let all the colours of life speak through me.

Tantra gave me the opportunity to look at the situation from many sides, and actually be above what was happening. I observe both outside and inside myself. I perceive sensually what reaches me through my body and I feel a movement inside.

What is this information and what does the Universe wants to communicate? I find understanding of the Whole in everyday life. I feel like a fractal in whose parts the whole of Existence can be found. Like a coded fragment that has access to Everything. I relax my body to surrender to the vibrations of the space around me. Without hesitation and in trust that what is happening is a great adventure. Inhale and exhale. The rhythm of the world around me.

During this meeting, I discovered my sensitivity. I am grounded in reality and at the same time I dissolve in it. I approach everyday situations with a smile, and if you can’t see it on my face, know that my soul is rejoicing in a new experience. I am a rebel who dared to change the course of history in my family tree.