Sabina, shamanic workshop ‘Death and Resurrection’ 2023

I am writing because I would like to share… reflections after attending a workshop that changes the perception of the world and life “Death and Resurrection”. I must admit that it was hard for me to put my feelings into words… I know that some experiences will remain in the sphere of wonderful Elusiveness .. And it is the same in this case… Nevertheless, I would like to express my deep gratitude… And these few sentences are the attempt to do it…The Experience and State of the Journey So deeply touching the Miracle – that I lack words to fully express how Unique and Moving it is. I know that words are not enough – it can just be felt. Every day I think about what happened and what power lies in the Collective Energy of Love – I did not expect to experience such feelings and states together. I am grateful for every second of this otherworldly experience.
Thank you for the Love, Goodness, Tenderness, Sincerity, Care, Support, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, Time, Opportunities, Inspirations that were given to me – (I will never forget them) – To experience this Personally and Together, to Enjoy the Power of It Together… To give myself permission to Accept so Mystically-Elusive And Sincere Gift. the greatest Gift. The Gift of Inner Resurrection, Transformation and Exaltation – the Gift of Community… the Gift of Unity – the Gift that knows no Boundaries.
“Thank you” – although this word – does not fully reflect the Power of Gratitude and Faith in the Power of Good that grows in me Every Day.
I hope everyone feels this Inspiring Power.
Thank you for sharing it with me.
I finally know that there is more than just what is physical, tangible and measurable.
I feel my soul has found its home, its family… its tribe…
Kind regards,