Monika, ‘The Hero’s Journey’ 2023

I never imagined how powerful a force lies within me and how unaware I am of it. How much in everyday life I sabotaged myself in various undertakings and stood in place blocked by fear of the consequences of the choice. I feel different after ‘the Hero’s Journey’. My thoughts became clear, the path began to open, and the excitement that I am walking on it increases with each day and gives me power.
I arrived delicate, fragile and lost, I left strong and brave. I integrated light and shadow within me. I realized that one does not exist without the other. The heart needs courage, and the demon of our beliefs and limitations, feeding on fear – integrated and loved in itself becomes a powerful driving force. I feel full now. I still have delicacy in me, but I discovered that I also have the courage to open my heart, which so far hidden from the world and wrapped in fear, could not be myself. My heart – big, sensitive and beating, which even I didn’t know, because I didn’t allow myself to.
Now the power of my black ally gives it support. My hitherto unknown power. An elemental and combative demon whose inexhaustible energy is entirely for me.
Because it’s part of me. I can feel it in my legs, stomach and back, in my throat. With it, the heart has the courage to beat with fullness of life. And the hands that are an extension of the heart begin to reach for dreams. It’s hard to describe, you cannot understand it with your head. Those who have experienced know and feel what I am writing about. To those who are afraid, I say – fear not. The Hero’s Journey is a journey of life that everyone should embark on.
In mine, I reached the deepest corners of the subconscious, to the history of my family and its enchanted programs. I’ve seen them in my own life. I understood and forgave myself the situations that made me feel guilty and blocked. I released them and drew strength from it. I have risen above my fears and limitations. I experienced the fear of birth and death. I understood it and let it go, and then I saw and understood much, much more… I don’t quite know what to do with it yet.
I know the answer will come because I’m ready to move on. Sounds crazy? For some people, certainly. I am finally free from the fear of judgment. I know what is a miracle for me in life and I’m going for it bravely.
I am extremely grateful to Mario for his careful guidance, for his great wise HEART, delicacy, respect and love for people. The safe environment created in Nowa Morawa, other Heroes who came to confront themselves just like me, being mindful of other people, accepting everything and not judging anything – all this made me allow myself to go on an unimaginably deeply transforming journey inside myself.
This is not the end of my development, but a milestone. It’s like I’ve jumped over the wall that separated me from what I really want and from a world of new possibilities.
I dance the Fool’s Dance every day and I’m happy as a child.
Chapeau bass, Mario.
Hugs, Monica