Marcin, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 4th meeting, 2023

Coming to Nowa Morawa, I enter a safe space that throws me into the craziest adventures. At this meeting, I experienced both space flights and entered the deepest parts of myself, and often it happened at the same time. I discovered that allowing myself to be sensitive also dissolves the world around me, and its dissolution allows me to allow myself to be more and more deeply sensitive, in such connected vessels that there is no difference between giving and receiving, it is one and the same.

When I came to the first workshop, I was a lost peasant in self-denial, clinging to the analytical arguments of my mind why it is worth remaining a bitter, serious person. During tantra, no one leads you by the hand, no one tells you to be something, it’s about clearing yourself of the blockages that we have collected in this life and in the previous ones through our surroundings and, as a result, allowing ourselves to experience the new unknown, moving beyond the fear, getting out of our staleness. There appears a new, purer one, closer to our true self, more coherent and fuller.

Returning to the world, I get the opportunity to make choices in known situations, to break out of my known patterns, the courage to be sensitive, the sense of my agency, which is connected with taking responsibility that I am the world, the world is me. I can honestly say that I love myself, I love myself, so I want to be active in this world, I want to direct the world and myself towards a higher vibration.