Marcin, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

It’s already a few days after the workshop, and it’s as if I was still there. Once it enters life, it is reflected in subsequent events.A workshop about the myth I live in my life, about the patterns in which I unconsciously persist, about my defense mechanisms for dealing with the world and myself. I could write that we were just acting out some scenes in nice company, and in these “banal” scenes my whole life was revealed, its repressed elements were revealed. I don’t understand what happened there, I feel what happened. Each meeting during and between exercises is significant for me, acting as a whole that led me to the truth about myself. Now I sit and feel what nourishes me in life, what is my path, at the same time I stopped hearing the tormenting voice wondering what I should do, why it isn’t working. It was replaced by trust and the joy of knowing the unknown, the joy of not knowing everything and being surprised is a blessing.
It was one of the workshops in Nowa Morawa, but this one was the strongest for me, the one that penetrated me to my bones, drew out my deepest fears and transformed them. I felt magic before at workshops, but I still had doubts, this time the doubt disappeared, so many things happened “by accident” that my head was no longer able to resist it and ‘fell’.
The spontaneous performance we prepared one evening showed me what kind of life I wanted, a life among loving, joyful people. Life in creation in community. As I write this, I alternately smile and cry tears of joy. I want to share it so that the world becomes more and more full of this “banal” magic.