Karina, ‘Dance with the Gods and Goddesses’, Nowa Morawa, 2022

In fact, until the last day I was wondering why I was here… And this last day showed how important this meeting was for me. In fact, it was the most powerful workshop for me so far. As soon as it appears in the calendar again, I will definitely sign up! 🙂 I discovered wisdom contained in fairy tales and mythologies – I don’t think I was so fascinated by them even as a child 🙂

I finally reached for the book that had been waiting for me on the shelf for 10 years!
That what is not noticed is often crucial – the role of the dog.
The Mirror Principle – that what we don’t like in others is actually our own shadow. I learned the pattern that I follow in life.
I had the opportunity to play many roles – there were so many references to my life… I felt deeply how important it is to be fully involved.
And not to stay locked in your sadness and despair for too long, but to move and do something different than usual 🙂