F. ‘The Hero’s Journey’ 2023

How to change your life in a week?

Sounds like the title of a medium-circulation guide. Or an article that is assigned to someone in the editorial office as a punishment. Or like a post by an overenthusiastic, not to say haunted, person. Before ‚The Hero’s Journey’, I wouldn’t have believed any answer to a question like this. It wouldn’t have mattered where or from whom it came. But that was before.

It makes no sense to describe what one actually does in this workshop. Because how does it sound to someone from the outside – you find your hero inside yourself, then the demon, and then there is a confrontation? And then you enter Wonderland and find your reward. It has to be felt, it has to be experienced, it cannot be understood.

In the meantime, you touch on your patterns, fears and behaviours. Your wounds. You face what you don’t expect. And you leave after a week with an even bigger surprise. I was sure that I would come to strengthen myself, to become better in one of the aspects that I understood somewhere in my mind. But no, no… there is no planning or assumption here.

But everything surprised me. Since first day. Literally. Magic happens during this week. You just need to surrender to the process and let it flow.

I left different. I’m still different, and I’m writing this more than two months after returning. I feel more, I’m less afraid to love, and it’s a little easier for me to admit that I need others. I allow myself to be loved. I have an open heart.

Still – my mind wouldn’t believe it if someone told me – go there and change your life in a week.

But if I could hug you right now, I would. I would look you in the eye and tell you calmly but surely that miracles do happen.

Because I still live in a wonderland. I also clearly see how much it depends on me every day whether I stay there.

Because in most situations we have a choice – stand in our strength or surrender to our weakness. And once we see it so clearly – and this is how I experienced the Journey – then subsequent choices will be, and are, at least a little easier.

Because let’s be honest – it will never be easy.

Sending love from Wonderland.

Because miracles are easy to share.