Karina, ‘The ‘Hero’s Journey’, Nowa Morawa 2022

It is an incredibly magical meeting with yourself and with others in a kaleidoscope of the most amazing and diverse Heroes and Demons. During this workshop, I had the opportunity to write my own story step by step: Stand truly in my light and in my shadow. I felt both of these qualities with my entire being.

The most wonderful elements of the workshop:
Hero’s Day and Demon’s Day – integration – accepting the shadow. Creatively looking for a solution to integrate.
Night in the forest.

In fact, only after a year I see how many changes this workshop has made in my life and how everything I learned accompanies me every day and gives me courage in times of all trials.

Every day I see how sometimes the Hero prevails, and sometimes the Shadow. I feel like the more I push my shadow away, the more it makes itself felt. And in such moments I relax – because I am learning this thanks to the workshops in Nowa Morawa 🙂 – and I enter the dance of the Hero and the Shadow inside me. It may seem abstract, but it is very helpful in everyday life, in taking more confident steps in life and finding balance within myself.