Dominika, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 5th meeting, 2024

The 5th meeting of the School of Tantra of the Heart is a test for me, a summary of how much I have understood from the lessons taught and whether I can use the tools given to me.

While checking myself, I found a mistake and quickly started looking for the right answers, which I found in nature. The last ‘frights’ that were needed in this last straight line to finish the tantra school more consciously and boldly follow the path of tantra were triggered in me. The thought of my upcoming encounter with Kali made me doubt myself. I decided to “change it!” and I went out into nature. Asking myself why am I here? I got an answer immediately. Sitting on one of the tree roots, leaning my back against the trunk, I heard the sound of the pulsating Earth, felt the pulse and the shaking of the tree on my back. I invited Kali to my place.

Intuition – this is how I hear the voice of intuition more and more often, and during this workshop and in the days before it, it was very audible. After returning from the workshop, I open the drawer and inside it is my first picture made with paints since childhood. What I see on it shows the same patterns that I saw and painted during the meeting with Kali. I’m shocked!

During the workshop, I participate for the first time in a women’s circle. This is an interesting time. Each of the 23 women is unique, I find a part of myself in each of them. It occurs to me that this circle caused the throat chakra to become unblocked. I said things that surprised myself. Gaju, thank you for this moment.

While waiting for Kali, I experienced a meeting of two forces, “good and evil”. Dancing in front of the other woman, two energies met. This meeting looked like a scene from a fantasy movie, where two powers fight each other. But there is no physical fight here, there is eye contact and something coming from within that makes “good” win and infects the opponent with good. Here I felt what it means: I am strong, I have power.

The most beautiful ritual. Meeting with Kali. The moment of recognizing Kali within me is another beautiful experience I had at the workshop. It is about finding the last piece of the puzzle within yourself, accepting it, hugging it and putting it into your body. The old saying goes that a picture is worth 1,000 words. I add that what I felt and touched replaces millions of words and images.

After meeting Kali, nature once again responded with an amazing painting on the window pane in the room where I slept. For me, they are hugging figures, a dancing tribe, roots.

I went to several graduation ceremonies. But none of them was as magical and touching as the one in Blue River. I looked at the newborn Beings with love. Creatures that are beautiful, upright, smiling, strong, brave, feminine, masculine and boldly walk forward. The text on the diploma moves me, makes me reflect, think more carefully and live more consciously in harmony with myself and nature. So as to CREATE a new, free world.

After the fifth meeting, I feel as if millions of fireflies had been let into my body, chest and belly, flying freely in different directions, illuminating and warming my body from the inside. Amazing feeling. I left the workshop full, fulfilled, abundant, very happy and grateful.

Thank you to the Dwarfs for the fairy tale and transformation we created together. You are wonderful and important to me.