Dominika, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication

Reflection Heart Tantra School 2 years.

It was a magical time, I discovered a piece of myself in each meeting. Each time I released what I don’t need. I shed hectoliters of tears that healed my body and soul. There were also a lot of tears of emotions. Emotions that arose when I watched and experienced God’s rituals, when I listened to beautiful songs, melodies flowing from playing instruments, when I laughed at funny performances, emotions provided by the beauty of nature, by wonderful words. It was time of dancing, moving and getting to know my body. A time of joy and fun. A time of celebrating birthdays. A time of overcoming fear, dissolving clamps, getting rid of fears, and abandoning projections. This was a time of experiencing and stimulating the senses:

Taste – the most delicious flavors, the smell of moss, spruce, resin, meadow flowers, incense and oils.

Touch – massages, hands, feathers, etc.

Hearing – the sound of the Earth’s pulse, the sound of drums, rattles, birds singing and the roar of deer one night…

During these two years of school, I also participated in two workshops: ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’ and ‘The Name I Bear’.

‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’ is a very important and main workshop for me. This is a workshop that showed me my myth that guides me through life. How much of it am I processing at a given moment?

My myth is about a character that was created by an evil wizard to help him reach and destroy the Beings. The wizard put a stone instead of a heart so that she would not feel and would be cold. One day, the heroine falls into the river, afraid that she could die, she wants a change. He asks the GOOD SORCERER for help. And so the Good Sorcerer finds spells that break the evil spell. It also changes hair color. From that moment on, he is for and with Beings.

Yes, at the last meeting I received a heart from Heaven. A heart from which flows love and gentleness. I share my riches with other Beings. I have undergone a transformation, I look at the world and people differently.

Thanks to the ‘The Name I Bear’ workshop, I learned who my ancestor was, what wisdom he carried within himself and where his strength lay.

I open my drawing from ‘The Hero’s Journey’. During these two years of working on myself, I found MY MIRACLE – MY HEART. (there’s even a cat in the corner!)

For me it’s a fairy tale!!

It was good to reevaluate my life. Giving up friends who were really enemies, giving up traveling around the world to find Wonderland.

I started working on myself with workshops in Modra Rzeka. My partner talked me into it several times until I decided to go. I thank him for being persistent and waiting for me. It was a very good decision and I am very happy that I have such wonderful tantra teachers. Mario, Gaya, I put every word, piece of advice, story in a drawer and open it when the time comes. I don’t reject anything. I don’t get attached to anything. I flow in the rhythm that life gives me, with trust and with the awareness that I have the help of Father Sun.

Thank you all – Modra Rzeka: Aleksandra, Magdalena, Ola, Szymon, Magdalena, Ania, Julia, you are like Angels. You always show up at the right time and place. I always felt safe. Thank you the wonderful people who prepare meals with love.

Thank me for my commitment and willingness to find myself and my femininity. I am glad that I wrote this reflection because while writing it I discovered new things about myself and my history.

With love and respect