Agata, The Hero’s Journey, Lithuania 2016

This workshop is huge as a mountain. I have been climbing long without seeing the top, just admiring the way, step by step, fighting and going beyond myself.

 I did it while eight months pregnant, and I feel that there would not be possible a more beautiful beginning of life on earth for my child. Now with even greater joy and thrill I am expecting the birth giving.

An unusual thing happened when I was blindfolded in the forest at night. I could only look inside myself, and I was falling asleep there in a miracle. There appeared a white fluffy clearings with a white dome above me. Great transparent figures surrounded me, their legs were as delicate transparent columns. Tiny creatures covered with white coats moved closer to me. They stood right by my cot and began to sing so softly I could barely hear them, but I knew perfectly that my child does. They stroked my tummy without touching it. I fell asleep with a sense of great happiness and bliss. I did not want ever to go out of the forest.

And at the same time I was afraid of this experience, I was afraid of the night in the woods before the workshop.

I do not know the mountain, where I was. This workshop in a magical place in Lithuania, I cannot name the place nor draw it. I feel like mountains moved in me after this journey. It makes me want to cry out loud with happiness. It makes me want to dance with joy, and at the same time I feel unusual light seriousness inside. What’s next, now the heroine is back? I will let you know. Agata, the Hero’s Journey, 2016