Passiveness of the role of the active one and activeness of the role of the observer

Let things pass through you but do not get caught up in your own or worldly psychodelia. Our body is like a surface of water where the space around is reflected.

The trick is not to inhibit what flows through me but to watch closely and be in the movement of giving to the world. Feel and see yourself and at the same time feel and see what is happening around you. Do not loosen yourself, let yourself calmly meditate your state of mind, become an active observer of the passing currents. Because me and the world are one, I am a part of it.

Being present and holding awareness of what is happening in the body, how the body is reacting to the space, wha

t it is receiving, I am an active participant in life and I can react. Every aware movement is appropriate because it shows the state of reality at a given moment. And there is a chance for another movement to emerge from it.

The river flows all the time bordering on the banks, stones, sometimes falling in a waterfall, sometimes with a stronger sometimes with a weaker stream, sometimes with a narrower and sometimes with a wider trough, in a variety of ways but nothing disturbs the flow.


Cyganka & Magdulla