The Super Full Moon – the 2nd of January 2018

The Super Full Moon – the 2nd of January 2018

The first moon of the year – the Wolf Moon. We were moon bathing with the stars around. The moon so bright and everything so clear and transparent.

We are not only the condensed bodies, we are much more – divine creatures, we are the souls too. We do not meet on the material level only. Our souls speak to each others all the time. The calmness around and inside. Everything like during the day, but silently shining, silver moonlight cover everywhere. Magic and beauty around, you can experience it and touch it with all your senses.

Either in India, Poland or France you we find the same question after all. Is it possible to open completely to the fullness of your humanity and the world? And how?

We could feel the sensation our ancestors had when looking at the sky and having the wisdom out of being connected with the rhythms of the nature. Our connection and our common vision was as clear and radiant as the moon.

Gratitude that we could experience one out of three super full moons appearing in a row this winter. The last one comes on the 31st of January 2018.