About craftsmen and artists

“If you can show the world the way you can see it with your eyes such a world, you are not an artist yet, you are a craftsman. An artist should be able to combine the reality with the unseen, giving the piece of art his individual qualities, his qualities, his style, his colour, his line… To present magic.

And so on…

I was wondering what my life path is.

And what?

It is obvious that it still remains a mystery.

What then pushes me further.

Curiosity, the ordinary one, the most ordinary. It has been giving me impetus to create and realizing that that is it.

But there is something else ???? What I do, I do with whole myself and to the end. Just like in the song…

If you love as much as me,
So tenderly, passionately, you know,
To the end, to madness, to the bottom, ……..????


What is interesting is that the creator such as God gave us the opportunity to be co-authors of what we create (the world we live in).

Now when the work has been created – is it important what the author was thinking or what his aim was?

What is important is how it enriched the world I live in.




Dariusz Fornalczyk