Pawel, ‘Dream Tarot’, Nowa Morawa 2023

This year I attended almost all workshops organized in Modra Rzeka, this one was different. Like every other one, although this one had a different, more interesting element.

Mario, quoting one of his teachers, mentioned that ”if we work through one dream in its entirety, we would be healed”. And in fact, this sentence describes this workshop in its entirety.

I didn’t work there, with the classic dream book – someone’s experience. It was more about working with my encoded instincts – which life had programmed into me. It was interesting how much our dream, the one we analyze with our imaginations, differs from what is inside us… in our body, our true self, mixed with answers from the wild nature. Images are just visions (false images). What is in us and in nature is a very strong true message, so powerful that it can change lives. During the workshops in Modra Rzeka, there are moments that change facial features or completely change people. Most often it is a single exercise – here they happened every day.

I have to completely agree with Mario… One dream worked through can change a lot.

It would be good to always have such a great leader with wonderful staff, a strong group and wonderful food for this work.

Such things happen in Modra Rzeka only!