Monika, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 1st meeting, 2024

What happened at the Dragon gathering was and still is very moving, beautiful… Szkoła Tantry, Tantra Sercaabsolute sanctification of male and female energy, sanctification of the body, and at the same time distance from the body, thoughts and what is happening. Throughout the entire experience, the care of the Higher Power, the Higher Consciousness in difficult, escapist, shameful and hidden moments… I didn’t expect it, but I went with it, I think I was even waiting for it.❤️

This experience with the group of Dragons has given me the new hope and faith that I am looking for. The belief that we reflect our divinity everywhere, it is with us 🙂 in everyone and everything. Maybe I can manifest it instead of putting on a mask? Maybe I can come out of my shell despite the “outside” and circumstances? Maybe no one and nothing is really an obstacle? All these dark, murky, hidden, uncomfortable moments that showed up made me think, do I want to believe in it? Or maybe I can accept them, watch them, let them go and maybe look deeper to find the Truth? I think this is another beginning and let this adventure continue… Soul – Shen knows what they do and they lead me, I am touched 🥰🥰🥰