Marzena, ‘Body, Breath and Sound: The Dancing Voice’, June 2019

I came back from the beautiful Workshop
“Body, Breath and Sound: The Dancing Voice” with Peter Wilberforce.

Peter as a teacher was phenomenal.
This wonderful, brilliant man
took me for seven days
journey to a wonderful world,
where there are dozens of different ways
I was discovering the possibilities of my body,
freeing my voice.

I have experienced so much,
during these last days,
that sometimes my breath was taken away,
abut how amazing my body is.

As if all this was not enough,
the beautiful music
which poured into each of my cells,
like a wonderful, magical elixir of life.

Peter, his unusual personality,
vast and extensive knowledge on many topics
and the unique personal charm made
the miracles happening,
even magic was present
during these wonderful days.

It was a brilliant Workshop!

Maybe next year
Peter will visit us again in Poland in Nowa Morawa.
If so, I certainly will not miss it,
so special
and one of a kind Workshop.

Ma Bea