Małgorzata, Tantra of the Heart in India

There were many speculations if I should go or not. After falling asleep in the evening resigned, thinking I will just stay, I woke up in the morning convinced that I want to go there because the whole night I was dreaming about this.

Looking at the map I thought this is too far… And at some point… but too far away from what?!
Fortunately, I listened to myself and my dreams because the stay in India is like a fulfilled dream about holidays. A dream that involves almost the whole tantric family. A dream full of emotions, laughter and carefree fun in the wavy sea. Full of adventures, lush with green, soft by sand and heating with the rays of the sun. There you can find not only yourself, not only great people, but you can feel like a part of the whole. In a total connection with nature.

During these tantric holidays I experienced the feeling that we are all one, that each of us is a part of the whole that is the world. I knew about it, but one thing is to know, and the other one is to see. I am a rock, I am the sun, I’m a bird, I’m a dolphin, I am a tree… And whatever I do, whatever intention I send, it comes back to me.

Such holidays are not ordinary holidays. It is a fun time and at the same time a profound transformation. And so it came to me that I could go to any place in the world by myself, and what would I do? After some time, perhaps it would be boring, there would not be anybody to share the joy with, and here I could enjoy the waves. There was always somebody willing to enjoy the freedom collectively 🙂 Exercises on the beach and in water… something wonderful… something that makes everything; water, sand, wind sound more intense. I have lived 10 years at the warm sea and I have never thought I could use it the way we did in India…

Morning coffee on the beach under a tent organized for women by men – another dream 🙂 Common wandering too, the trips, the temple, the looking for the dolphins with a dancing boat and finally the tantric wedding… Something that will always remain in my heart. The ceremony in the vibration of love of man and woman. The ceremony in which each of us has its share. Every wedding could look like that one – this is what I am dreaming about.

No reflection is able to reflect completely what you can experience in India… Every day is an adventure there and brings new reasons to joy!

Malgorzata, Tantra of the Heart in India, 2016