Magdalena, ‘Dream Tarot’, Nowa Morawa 2023

While going to the workshop, I had thoughts about the dreams I would like to work on. Already on the first evening, it turned out that completely different, old things from years ago came back to life they almost became alive. The body showed very clearly what it wanted to discover and let go of, but the head still needed two days to join it and follow the feeling😊. And then magic happened. The dream with the story about the corpses in the closet (not only figuratively but also literally) came to life, gained color, showed itself in all its glory along with the accompanying body sensations and memories. The dream story, the more I got into it, the more it surprised me. Where there was panic at the beginning, there was relief, a discovery “aha… that’s what it was about”, the images began to transform. Behind the door, where a dark secret had previously been hidden, a portal to the Land of Wonder appeared. In another dream, a wave that was threatening and life-taking turned out to be life-bearing and a refuge.

Each dream took on a different meaning the more I got into it. I saw the situation that I had previously perceived as threatening and fearful as carrying information for me. Entering into this fear, previously unthinkable, gave me relief and a sense of agency.

I now accept each subsequent dream with gratitude, understanding what treasures it brings for me.