Me., ‘Dream Tarot’, Nowa Morawa 2023

This unique workshop proved to me once again that what the world looks like to us depends on our perspective on it. Dreams immediately show us our emotions, fears, anxieties and superstitions. I can interpret an event as a nightmare from the victim’s perspective, or I can look at it differently, what this situation wants to tell me about me, why do I sometimes close myself off from seeing the world in colours? Why I give up because of fear of being judged. I added a beautiful waterfall element to my nightmare – cleansing, I felt the warmth and sensitivity of other people who were in this dream. That they are just like me. I wanted to get rid of emotions such as fear, tightness, jealousy, control, but I learned that I often need them and I can control them, play them like an instrument. When and how I want. Everything is information. I am the creator of my feelings and life. The workshop grounded me exceptionally, I left it with a sense of simplicity, ordinariness and modesty, with a great desire for breath, gratitude, tenderness, color and authenticity.