Anna, “Dancing with the Gods” shamanic workshop, Oct. 2019, Nowa Morawa, Poland

‘There is something intriguing and puzzling about the work with your own myth. Well, you just wander through a story that “just” attracted you and you do not even know why. And suddenly it turns out that you wander all your life: you recognize every scene, every character, every point. Every life turn, “success”, milestone, stumble, every gift you can recognize in your myth.

And you work on this myth with a group of people who feel like family. Because they have a similar life experience, your sense of humor, the same as you gleam of eye and distance to life. Suddenly you dream the same dreams or they dream your myth at night and bring you answers in the morning to questions that you could not speak out loud.

There are many, many more questions. You go to the forest, sit on the trunk, allow nature to go deep inside yourself, listen to the sounds of nature and more answers flow down. At first, the chaotic puzzle starts to make sense, which is changing dynamically. And I with it.

Why is it worth it? To find your inner diamond where I would never look. It shines, it is intriguing and very valuable not only for you.’

Anna, The Dancing with the Gods October 2019, Poland, Nowa Morawa’