Grzegorz, “Dance with the Gods” Shamanic workshop, Oct. 2019, Nowa Morawa, Poland

I feel that something very important has happened for me and for all participants. All myths and fairy tales began to interact with each other and created a single, coherent whole. I feel that how I feel now is my natural state. I am fully open to what comes in all the colours and flavours of the world. I am ready to live in harmony with myself and nature. If necessary, I will be a clown, Moses, slipper, elf, or the quality that will be needed at the moment. I am aware of what aspect of the myth or character I am currently playing and what is trying to manipulate me. I have spent a wonderful time in a fairy-tale atmosphere, it was like a blanket woven with magical threads, which hugs me before I go to sleep inviting me to a new amazing adventure. I have been waiting for a long time for that experience and I enjoy every moment spent with my family and circle.