Agata, advanced tantra workshop, Formation, 6th meeting

The sixth meeting was an experience of discovering the world. I felt like a child who tastes food for the first time, takes his first steps, plays with the movement of its body, looks into the eyes of the other being, amazing discovering in every experience. A sense of presence in myself, for myself and others that allows me to see the world in a deeper way. Similar experience I touched once after 10 days of meditation. And our 6th meeting let me feel and understand what is in my life – lack of attachment. Accepting everything that comes – joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, lightness and darkness, without being immersed in those states. Change, going further, constant wandering and transformation, rebirth again and again in everyday life. The way from the first to the sixth meeting is also the way to femininity – opening to a man, the possibility of accepting and responding to male energy instead of going into confrontation, escape or freezing. I am a woman with curiosity discovering the world 🙂

Thank you