Monika, “the name I bear” 2023

The name I bear. If I had to give it a definition:

The process of internal dialogue in search of agreement between various nomenclatures of being in the body, being on the way to the continuation of the generational path, examining the consistency of one’s name.

I responded to an invitation to a workshop that had been sent out, when I gave voice to my inner call for a trial, because something was drawing me to the fire. Beautiful souls also answered the same call so that the process could take place within the group too.

I must emphasize the great importance, capital letters and font honoring the leaders. I felt very safe, taken care of, supported and listened to. There was a strong emphasis on grounding, rooting and stabilizing, the Muladhara chakra. In my opinion, as a yoga teacher, this is the most appropriate direction, when everything that is happening in the world right now is designed to take it away from us and feed us with fear. A lot of workshops, in my opinion, are based on gliding and hypnotizing small elation that subtly detach us from the EARTH.

At “The Name I Bear” workshop, I was met with a huge and deep work that I have never had the opportunity to experience at any meeting of this type. Tasks-exercises, which at first glance seemed to be qualitatively similar to a walk (I mean mostly building a mandala) led me to trails that I probably would not have taken without preparation and withdrew knowing how difficult and steep terrain it was. The lesson I received shook me to the bone.

But these exercises, which were difficult, helped me to see the great dormant potential and power, unleashing something real.

The abundant time I experienced in this wonderful place galloped Magically fast. The names I bear will never be the same again.

I feel now that I need to stay in myself for a while and analyze everything again, but I know that there is the hunger for the next meeting.