Dominika, ‘The name I bear’ 2023

I’m awake. It’s the middle of the night. My soul longs to write down a few words about the ‘The Name I Bear’ workshop.

This is a workshop that called to me from the first moment I saw it. The day before I left, my mental would order that I’m not going after all. And so, after a day-long battle between the mental and the soul, the soul won! She packed her suitcase and reappeared in Nowa Morawa.

‘The Name I bear’ workshop was the time when I learned my lesson: patience, surrendering to what is, not waiting, sharing myself, being joyful and spontaneous. This is the time when dreams come true. The small ones like delicious, natural cream ice cream, and the bigger ones like modeling in clay, and those that have already come true, although they still need time for me to finally notice them.

The workshop was attended by people who are just entering the path of spiritual development and learning the secrets of tantra, as well as people who are already on this path. Thanks to this connection, I was able to see where I am (‘where are you now’). What work I have already done, what I have already transformed, what I am working on and what is still ahead of me. I like working in a group because I can see how the process of an individual affects me. What unites us and what divides us?

‘The Name I Bear’ is just a lightly titled workshop. In fact, it is a workshop that showed the basis and the beginning. It made me realize where I come from, who my ancestors are. What qualities I have inherited. Where is my strength.

It was wonderful to run around the meadow and listen to the vibrations of my name in different word endings, pronounced in different tones. Hear and feel what is happening in the body when words are spoken. What emotions appear: being pissed off, disregard, impatience, humiliation, or lightness, sensitivity, beauty and strength. As it turned out in the next exercise – meditation in motion – tai chi – every letter of my name is very important.

I experienced once again a beautiful ritual of stimulating the senses and releasing through tantric massage. I was surprised how much I notice when I look into the eyes of another person.

Suddenly, when least expected, I heard my real name. It was a happy moment 🙂

I send my gratitude to the supporting team, to Gaya and to the unique shaman that is Mario. The shaman who is in front of me shows the way and supports me. I thank the Angel who protected me throughout the workshop.

I feel that I did a good job because the universe is already giving a sign, even the appearance of a rainbow in the sky on the way back home.

I am writing this reflection because as a beginning horticultural therapist, workshops leader, I know that it is not the goal itself that is important, but the path to this goal. For the therapist, the final effect is important, but the most important thing is your feelings and sharing them with the therapist, so that the therapist knows where you are, so that they know what to do next to help you. Feedback is important and words have power.