Aisa ‘The name I bear’ 2023

I have been told to go to the workshop for many years… I always thought that it was not my fairy tale, not my place, not my path… And one day my husband sent me a link to “The Name I Bear” workshop and it was like a thunderbolt from heaven. I didn’t know what was waiting for me there, I didn’t think about it. I just wanted to be there.

The first moments at the workshop were not easy. It was slowly like getting out of my comfort zone. It was about facing my own fears and weaknesses. It was like rediscovering myself.

To awaken again the childish joy of living, tasting, experiencing – this is only part of what you can experience at the workshops.

Despite the fear of opening up and working in a group, I saw that together we can do more, that the support of another person is a beautiful gift that we can afford.

Running in the meadow, a walk in the forest, meditation by the fire, intuitive dance, these are just a tiny parts of what was going on there. AND A LOT HAS HAPPENED!!! beautiful things.

Getting to my roots, seeing my ancestors, hearing my name was a wonderful process of looking into myself.

Now, after returning home, I feel light, I feel that I can do more, as if I had dropped a huge burden from my back and now I was walking through life with lightness and anticipation instead of fear of what would happen. I know that this is just the beginning, that I have entered the right path of my spiritual development and now I am just waiting to which land it will lead me. I know there will be many bends and uphill climbs, but I want to experience it!!!!

I would like to thank all the wonderful people thanks to whom I was able to experience this magical time. Gaya, Maria you are amazing!!!! The helping team – these are invisible little souls that you could always count on.

And of course great adventure companions, without you it wouldn’t be what it was!

Once again, thank you very much and best regards. See you next time 🙂