The greatest gift to a warrior is a wise woman.

couple_2The greatest gift to a man is a wise woman.

This year I have had a lot of strong experiences of being in black deep woods, in the dark night of the soul. And every time this woman was there and shone her own light. And thanks to her presence I could crawl out of the forest into the light. And then I felt that I was a little hurt and frightened boy who throws his toys out of a pram.

And the woman just felt it and put her hand on my heart and said: ‘I AM HERE’. She gave her presence. Each warrior has this part that is a little wounded frightened child, and I know that upon this fear he often attacks people. And the greater the cowardice of the man is, the more he hurts others.

Many times in my life I hurt myself by hurting others. I wish all men around the world find such a wise woman who, in her grace will see a little boy in the warrior, frightened and wounded. She can see this part of the warrior and puts her hand on his heart and says ‘I am here’.

Such a woman is the greatest treasure and she is worth more than all the gold in the world. I wish every woman in the world finds this wisdom in herself, to be able to heal the broken heart of a warrior. Such a woman is a healer and healing this man she heals the whole world.


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The greatest gift to a warrior is a wise woman.
The greatest gift to a man is a wise woman. This year I have had a lot of strong experiences... read more