A man to the men: look for a wise woman.

para_2Recently, I have heard a man’s words that the greatest gift to a man is a wise woman. He spoke to the other men encouraging them to look for a wise woman. And then he said: ‘If you cannot find a wise woman – because there are no ‘ready’ wise women around you – find a good woman. Surround her with your warmth and support, give her space for development, and above all love her. And before you know it, there will be a wise woman next to you’.

During the breakfast today I have heard this dialogue:

She: What kind of men do you like?

He: I like men who like women.

We talked about the fact that more and more men speaks beautifully about women, and they even write on FB and internet about their love for women. They talk about how much they get from women and what a great gift it is to be in a relation with a wise woman. These men are very masculine, and at the same time cultivate their feminine element in them. They open to the femininity in women, as well as in themselves and in other men.

Well, I’m happy. There are more and more wise men and wise women. Women and men who work on their development and at the same time want to give something of themselves to others.

It is really beautiful to live in such times!