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Shamanic Workshop “The Hero’s Journey”

20180204 - 20180211

Poland, Lower Silesia, Nowa Morawa

Hero's Journey Shamanic Workshop
Hero’s Journey Shamanic Workshop

The only freedom is the victory over yourself. 

During ‘The Hero’s Journey’ workshop we work on integrating our light and dark side. The workshop teaches you how you can consciously use your energy to make your most secret dreams come true in the real, physical world.

We search for and discover our heroic “I”, „The Hero” who lives in each of us and who has at his/her disposal not only the power to heal yourself but also an enormous force we can use to create our own life.

What also forms a part of us is our „Demon”. Whether you realize it or not, it is sometimes hiding in the shadow of our subconscious, but it is always with us and is the most powerful when it comes to facing adversities of life.

Wędrówka Bohatera Litwa
the Hero’s Journey, Lithuania

It is our inner force, our inner Hero, who manifests himself/herself when life confronts us with another difficult stage. The Hero supports us and helps us overcome the obstacles that appear in our life; assists us in time of crisis; is present when we face new challenges and when we feel that our life has come to a halt… How do we move forward and overcome the obstacles?

To be able to function in this world as a complete, integrated being, aware of its powers and its aim, it is essential that our two inner, opposing forces: “the inner hero” and “the opposing demon” be able to communicate and start to cooperate.

„The Hero’s Journey” is a shamanic quest, during which you have a chance to learn about different aspects of yourself. It is a long journey, full of adventure and extraordinary encounters, like every shamanic journey. It is the process of internal transformation. To help the process, we use the whole positive energy of the universe, which is at our disposal at all times. All you have to do is say “YES” with your heart and pluck up the courage to meet each and every aspect of yourself.

Wędrówka Bohatera
the Hero’s Journey shamanic workshop

As in every shamanic journey you will meet your inner self, to see it, to relive it, to integrate it and to transform.

The Journey is meant for all those whose life motto is “a fulfilled life” and who want to use every opportunity to live their life in a conscious manner, feeling that they have made the most of it.

The workshop shows you how you can consciously use your energy to make your most secret dreams come true in the real, physical world.

We invite individuals and couples, including those who work with other people, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches. These are also workshops for actors, theater directors, dancers and choreographers. All those who by working on themselves want to expand their creative tools.

Teachers: Mario, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of animators.

Information and registration: Aleksandra Jóźwiak, tel. +48 720 893 888,

Cost: 380 euro / person; couples 355 euro / person + accomodation and board: 30 euro / day

Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide them.

Date: 04 – 11.02.2018 Poland, Nowa Morawa, Sudeten