Tomasz, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 1st meeting, 2024

Be careful what you dream about because it may come true

And it came true for me 🙂

Szkoła Tantry, Tantra SercaIt lasted as long as it was supposed to. We circled each other, looking for a path to connection.

So as to connect in love, closeness and understanding.

So as not to burn in the fire of emotions.

And we arrived at the Tantra formation together, just as I dreamed.

And old programs that we only hid to survive were revived. And which worked anyway, muddying the way to truly being together.

They came to life and burst into flames like the breath of an angry Dragon.

And I touched what was weak in me so that I could process it.

The Dragon-man and the Dragon-woman emerge from this confrontation.

Together, connected