Sabina, Shamanic Tantra in India 2024

The days were filled with Kindness and lessons – Return, Rebirth and Discovery.
The lessons flowed freely and generously.

A lot of time has passed since our last meeting in India.
I am writing to you because I would like to share my reflections from this time that touched me so deeply.
I came to observations many times, but each time I let them go and let them drift freely. A record – a trace – of an internal message with the Universe – a dialogue reflected on the material – immortalizing this act. My thoughts sprouted Every day… And it was time to harvest… the crops.
Being with you in India, I felt enormous Support, Unlimited Love and Care. Thank you for your presence.
The days were filled to the brim with Kindness and lessons – Return, Rebirth and Discovery.
The lessons flowed freely and generously.
I understood that Humility opens New Paths and the Inspiration of the Creator and His Presence allows me to move into Spaces previously unknown to me.
Feel the depth and multidimensionality of the Universe – breathe it – transcend yourself and merge into One.
There are so many paths untraveled and untrodden.
I started to discover a new interior of everything around me. Common Rituals created One Synchronized Organism, which with each subsequent Breath – Inhale and Exhale – dissolved the wasted Energy – allowing it to flow freely. I will never forget the breath that was released in me then. I felt unity – pure connection. Beautiful Power – Unity. I was touched by the Grace and Honor of experiencing this Feeling – I felt the Essence of Life within every cell.
I was born again – the Father – supported me on this journey – I felt the first Breath, the First Memory, the First Feelings – he showed me the Strength – gave me instructions – To love and share the Acquired Wisdom.
I felt the Presence. I surrendered.
When I gained Strength and Confidence – the world was favorable.
The head melted – the world accepted – gave the in-breath – The spark of life – Father was there with me – He was for me – He was present – I could hug myself. I could forget about the existence of Time.
You are strong.
You were finally born.
It is a connection with the Creator… Mother Earth. Being in her Warmth opened up new possibilities. I will never forget what I experienced then. The wind kissed me, the Sun hugged me with its Warmth, the Water accepted me, and the Earth shared the record of the Information dormant in it. The moon gave direction and woke me up from sleep so that I could hear the Message in silence.
Signs and Messages came from everywhere. It was enough to be open, attentive and caring to reach and hear the language of the universe. Thank you for being. You have created and opened this possibility.
Having Full Trust in What’s Happening, and when something comes in your way, stepping into it and breathe until it dissolves. Staying calm… honouring the old, entering the New. No tension – I just release.
I realized how important it is to look deeply into the eyes and how it connects me with the other person’s universe. Feel this desire to be present not only for myself, but for Others. For a change, an avoidant and absent look also appeared, which made it much more difficult for me to connect… to find this Quality. I understood being despite everything. without getting distracted.
Just be.
It occurred to me how wonderful it is to experience different feelings. See and feel contrasts… distinguish… appreciate. That’s what these experiences are for. The variety of experiences creates my internal compass to distinguish and know what is good for me and what is not.
The power of balance to give and take was shown – complete harmony of energy flow.
I am constantly working on maintaining Balance.
The time in India was very Private. It showed me what Happiness is and what true Wealth is.
I also learned not to struggle and let go, or walk away on my own, from situations and places, people who do not respect the Values ​​that are important to me. I realized that there is a Choice.
And I have the freedom to do it.
I saw that by giving away my essence, I was soon gifted with a New One. Thank you.
Thank you with all my being for all the lessons, valuable tips and every moment spent together – in such a holy place.
I hope our paths will cross soon.
Ps. I miss you 🙂