Maja, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 3rd meeting, 2023

The 3rd meeting of the tantra school was a completely new experience for me because I came to it with my 4-month-old daughter.

To participate in the workshop I travelled a huge distance from Poland to Norway and let me tell you it was worth it.

Despite the fatigue and lack of sleep, I was able to feel what happens to me during classes when I turn off thinking and analysis. Suddenly I was radiant and full of life. Paradoxically, fatigue helped me “to turn off” and not have expectations about what I would feel during exercise. I discovered a completely different, new quality.

Although I have always considered myself to be a brave person, only now have I felt a huge flame of courage in my body. It walked through my body and burned me from the inside out.

During the workshop, I was guided by one sentence, which will undoubtedly stay with me: “let the virus into your system”. In free translation, this means: do something differently and differently and differently, do not repeat your movements, change your thoughts and behaviour… then the fun and lightness begins 🙂

Life can be hard or totally fun. It’s all a matter of our choice, but sometimes we really have an interest in experiencing it as heavy.

I am happy that I am continuing the way of tantra. I do it for myself but also for my daughter. Before each time I left for classes, I said goodbye to her with the words “Now mom goes to classes to release her clamps… For myself and for you… For our whole family”