Magdalena, ‘The name I bear’ 2023

Thanks to the workshop, I gained another brick of knowledge about who I am and where I am going. Being currently at a crossroads in my professional life, I got answers and saw clearly what direction to take.

The experiences from the workshop that I felt at the level of my body and heart include, among others, a connection with my ancestor and his wisdom, knowledge coming from nature, seeing through and penetrating to the essence of things; I clearly heard and saw what my mission here on Earth is, most in relation to my work; I faced, once again, my projections and the limitations they carry; feeling the letters of my name in the tai-chi movement gave me a deeper understanding of the meaning of my name; the ritual of purification and the acceptance of knowledge from the ancestor in full consciousness, and the sentence that has remained with me until now “you have everything you need, move forward” gave me energy to continue.

Throughout my stay, I felt the strong presence of my ancestors, spiritual guardians and power animals. This workshop was an extremely deep experience for me, I had the feeling of reaching to the primordial essence of things.

The hosts, Mario, Gaya and assistants shared their unique and exceptional knowledge. The place ‘Modra Rzeka’ greatly supported these processes.

I feel deep gratitude to the hosts for the opportunity to participate in this experience and… I am looking forward to the next one 😊