Magdalena, Wildness – Jump into Joy, 2016

The life makes sense when every single second of it does.


It is the end of the workshop, the time of summarizing, harvesting, I am visiting my mandala in the forest for the last time. I am sitting and wondering what the difference between shamanic and non-shamanic walk to the forest is… I am looking at the blue sky and the mandala carefully arranged by me. Suddenly the understanding of the main concepts of the existentialism comes to me… My life does not make sense itself… But I want it to make sense! I need to make it makes sense, and I am the only person who can do it… And making it makes sense is not enough… I also need to live my life as if it made sense!

And again I am the only person who ‘knows the rules’ of the sense of my life… I know the rules! The life makes sense when every single second of it does… I am engaging in each second of my life as if it was the most important moment, the only one, the last one I ever have.

The more I give the more I get… It is a life work, meditating every single second of the miracle of your own life creation. This whole-body experience, and this intellectual awareness of it is what I am taking with me to my future journey.