“Eros and Psyche” tantric workshop, July 2019, Nowa Morawa, Poland

The myth of Eros and Psyche, which was the theme of the meeting, turned out to be much deeper than it seemed after the first reading. It contains elements of many other stories (eg. Cinderella or myths about heroes), and at the same time it is a simple, original story about attempts to love women and men.

It is not difficult to guess – the story is very current, it immediately resonated with me. The trip during the workshops through all spaces of the myth showed me that all the threads and characters are important and they are about me, although some of them I wanted to reject or omit at first (eg. proud and hurt Eros, Aphrodite or jealous sisters), they are the driving force of the whole story.
The most surprising lesson for me was the opening for help and cooperation, which are shown in the myth by different forces of nature that come to help Psyche at key moments. In my eyes, the heroine did not even ask for help, but her innocence and perseverance evoked her friendly powers when they were most needed.
I could sum up this adventure humorously: “and they lived happily ever after; if you dare and let yourself be led, you too 🙂 ”

Mateusz, July 2019

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