Brave Heart men’s circle, september 2019 Golaczow

Through our meetings we want men participating to come back to their families with a new experience of being fuller and better. This time we headed to the mountains in a quest for inner power that connects with our ancestors and that’s why we did start with an ritual at the Lezyckie rocks which is a powerful place called the Sudetian savanna.
And a new mythical space did open for us. 
Later on in the forest every man could understand what do I need the power of my masculine tribe for. 
And it turned out that the major reason for this quest is to become:
  • A better father
  • A more supportive husband
  • To bring joy and laugh to my family
It was a beatiful and supportive gathering of the tribe of men. An awakening of inner power and joy to bring it back to the families and share with the whole world.

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