Iwona, Tantric New Year`s Eve 2018/2019

You can do so much every day. You can make someone laugh, bring a smile on someone’s face, give them hope or make them think.
The most important day of the year is not Christmas or Easter, your anniversary or birthday, but the day that is just going on, so take advantage of every minute. To do this, you will have to get dirty, because that’s how the world works. Yes, life is a gift, but do not count on a box with a ribbon. 
Many years ago, a Jesuit priest accused me of trying to live too carefully. He said that I behave as if I had a beautiful dress, that I put on at a party, and then I sat at the wall all the time, not to destroy the dress. As if I gave up cakes, drinks and play so I would not get dirty.
He was right. I was so scared of suffering, defeat – I was so afraid of life – that I watched it only standing on the side.
The completion happened at the Tantric New Year’s Eve of the Joyful Heart 2018/2019 in Nowa Morawa. Thank you for meeting with other people in great respect, for such beautiful experiences…  for transformation in my heart, soul and body. It happened!!! I was reborn again  Strong and confident. Thank you Gaya and Mario and other wonderful people that I could spend this time with you.  I want to say that today I am not afraid anymore. I’m not worried about getting dirty, just playing… and it’s possible that I will be the last to leave this party. My life is great. I thank you once more with all my heart 

Iwona’s reflection
Tantric New Year’s Eve of the Joyful Heart 2018/2019, Nowa Morawa