Emilia, “Dance withe the Gods” shamanic workshop, Oct.2019, Poland

I met with myself again. Once again I was surprised by what I discovered. A fairy tale, a short story containing from day to day more and more elements, details that are important in my life and have the power to transform it. I noticed that I was the director, actor, characters, all the decorations, every prop and viewer – at the same time. Going as deeply as I can into the fairy-tale character secrets emerged, though fear had big eyes… Wildness of the wolf, nature has its root in the Earth, in combination with it, closeness… I stood in front of primal instincts accepting the power and joy of wild spontaneity. In the circle of men and women, I felt that I was an important being, with wolf energy, with the support of the herd in continuous learning to express my feelings. I look at the world and myself with a different view. I listen, taste and feel from a slightly different perspective, maybe wider, maybe simpler, and maybe ordinary and natural.